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Vocaloid songs and producers with notable vocal tuning #1

Lovely Cherry told me that she enjoyed the way Mitchie M makes Miku sound and wanted to know if there were others like that, so I took a short dive into my collection and pulled out a handful of examples of fine Vocaloid (and Utau) manipulation. This isn't a list of the most "realistic" or "natural". Just impressive or unique. I don't know what kind of music Cherry likes best, so I've got a little bit of everything in here.

もし、君との夏が最後ならば by Fuji/141P with vocal manipulation by Cillia (ft. Miku)

mirror by Team Kamiuta with vocal manip by Cillia (ft. Miku)

-ERROR by niki with vocal manip by Cillia (ft. Namine Ritsu)

by your side by Ogawa Daiki (BabelP) with vocal manip by bibi (ft. Miku)

星を渡る鳥 by Nem with vocal manip by momocashew (ft. VY2)

悠久 -Song of Eternity- by tiara (Pretty sure that's tiara singing in the chorus with Miku as well. She has a beautiful voice of her own.)

愛の詩 by LamazeP (ft. Miku)

アンドロイドな女 by udongeruge (ft. Miku)

闇へのドア by Captain Mirai (ft. Rin)

レコード・レド by shr (ft. Rin)

アブナイ関係 by Edgar Lovecraft (ft. Miku)

脳内革命ガール by MARETU (ft. Miku)

クレヨン by bibuko (ft. Miku)
I can't even say that I'm a huge fan of bibuko's tuning, but I can say that I can ALWAYS recognize him because of his very specific manipulation of Miku. She sounds like this on every single one of his songs. (Among his songs, this one is my favorite, though.)

Flashback by niki with vocal manip by LuciDicul (ft. Matsudappoiyo)

After Dark by ChasingFireflies (ft. Kanne Bikuta)

平面説 by niki with vocal manip by macnspam (ft. Yokune Ruko's male voice)

Now some NND links to Matsuryuu (まつりゅう) because their covers are... Well, they're covers. Many of them can't be put on YouTube without getting removed for copyright reasons.

ナチュラルに恋して ft. Miku
未来のミュージアム ft. Miku
唐傘さんが通る ft. Iroha
夏の大三角形 ft. Yokune Ruko (male voice again)
Fly Me To the Moon ft. Luka (English)